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Beast in the Woods by Solomon Abrams

Glen sat naked, on the large sofa in front of the fireplace. His deep brown skin absorbed the heat. His penis; thick, full and radiating with empowered life, lay between his legs like a trained beast, awaiting it’s Master’s command. The room was quiet except for the sound of the flames and Glen’s breathing. His breath was controlled and purposeful. He closed his eyes and rested his head back against the raised Victorian back and looked straight up into the emptiness that was the white ceiling. He felt pride knowing that he not only painted the Ceiling but repaired the roof and rafters as well as hung the drywall. He was proud of his work. This was his first full rehab project as both the contractor and seller. It had taken him nine months but he was done. The first big country house, or as country as a house thirty minutes from the city could be, was complete and ready for the market. Glen smiled at the accomplishment. He spent the weekend congratulating myself and celebrating. Friday night was an open house for the local realtors, nearby home owners, potential clients friends and family. Drinking, dancing and hand shaking was the fare of the night. His small sales team, which consisted of his sister, Anissa and her friend Jackie, worked the room (house), showing the amenities, collecting contacts, and playing host; assured him there were some very promising leads and that the house once placed on market should sale. Although both ladies had urged Glen to turn the place into a bed and breakfast for people looking to get away from the city.
“Scooter it could be like a time share”… Anissa started, using the child hood nickname that only she and a very few friends and family still used. “You can turn it into an investment property.” That was Saturday. He let his team have a private party with a small number of guest. The staging furniture didn’t have to go back until Monday, which allowed them to come and enjoy the fruits of their labor. There was a deck with pool and hot tub for them and their guest to enjoy. Glen even invited the caterer and her husband to stay the night. There would be more open houses and events, so he felt it would be good business. Plus it looked as if they could use a small get away amongst adult. It turned into a small adult fun weekend. Sitting on the couch, Glen laughed to himself as he wished he had added extra insulation that acted as a sound dampener. It was hard looking Jackie and her husband in the face the next morning. Glen wasn’t sure what she was doing to him but it sounded rough and brutal. Everyone left Sunday morning, leaving Glen alone in his creation. He decided it would be his turn to enjoy the home. The large den was turned into Glens makeshift office. There were large sets of floor-to-ceiling bookshelving, one of which held rolled bundles of plans, schematic drawings, different building code books, and a large humidor.
Glen sensed movement from his peripheral vision and turned his head to see three deer slowly walking passed the rooms patio door. He stood and walked toward the large Victorian door, forgetting about the leash attached to his wrist.
“Sir?” His obedient slave Titi , stirring his feet, whispered as he stood.
Glen gently tugged the leash connected to the collar as he walked to observe the small band of deer.
“Aren’t they beautiful,” he asked, opening the door quietly and stepping naked onto the patio.
“Yes Sir, they are beautiful.”
Glen lined the property with long wooden privacy gates on both sides of the yard, and was now happy he decided to go with trees across the back. Two hundred meters from the rear of his property line was a secluded hiking trail and another hundred and fifty meters past that was a small creek. Building the privacy fence across the back would restrict movement into the woods. He inhaled deeply, feeling the cool morning air fill his lungs then exhaled soft, yet loudly.
“May she greet you this morning.” Titi asked
Glen looked down and for the first time noticed his erection. A bead of clear precut hung from the tip of his penis.
“Yes, pet you may.”
Glen gently opened his stance as Titi kneeled before him, stuck her tongue out catching the precum then kissed the head of his bulging warm dick. Her mouth was warm and inviting. She placed her hands behind her back and slowly covered his dark length with her mouth. She slowly slurped with an eager in-out motion. Just as Glen was about to grab the back of her head and force his dick to the back of her throat, Titi pushed forward until she gagged and coughed. Glen hummed and moaned as Titi greeted him with another morning sexual salutation. Bending the leash in half, Glen stuck Titi’s back sharply. Each slash across her back drove her mouth further over Glen’s shaft, forcing moans and gagging noises from her mouth. Titi sucked and slurped on her Master’s dick doing her best to coax his seed from him. Glen turned stared at the deer; who had not even given them a glance, and was over come with a sense of primal lust. He tightened his grip on the leash and forced deep rough pelvic thrust forward, causing Titi to not only gag but push back some to pause the onslaught of a choking fit. Without wasting a motion, Glen pulled his dick, dripping with her saliva, from her mouth, slapped her hard across the face, and stuffed his dick back into her mouth. A wet pucker of sexual vaginal fluid bubbled and now seeped from Titi’s pussy. She breathed through her nose and worked counter to his movements creating a grunting, growling, moaning beastly face fucking display. Titi forced air through her nose and her Master’s heavy grunts seemed to turn into low howls. . She wanted him. She allowed her inner beast to howl to his, calling for him to be rougher and harder. Glen gnashed his teeth as a knot of pressure grew in his lower abdomen. Doing his best to hold back he finally gave into nature. He snatched his dick from her eager mouth, slapped with three times then spit forcibly in her open mouth. Titi gasped from the wonderful surprised, lunged forward with her mouth open hoping to receive him. She heard him grunting and panting. The slaps had forced her to close her eyes. She quickly opened them, waiting to witness the first waves of his seed to leap from his dick, only to be surprised by a hard stream of urine. Titi squealed in delight as her Master sprayed her, using his piss to mark his territory and property. She quickly gathered herself leaned back slightly and turned herself into his urinal, drinking his first real release of the day. She drank all of him and continued sucking his dick in glee. Glen pumped and pushed his dick into her mouth. The knot that was in his abdomen was now sitting deep within his balls. He did howl this time as a warm buzzing feeling over took his body. He grabbed the top of Titi’s afro covered head, pulled free of her mouth stroked twice and re-entered her oral warmth and his life’s seed spewed from him. Titi greedily yet gently sucked him empty. She had learned a long time ago that her Master hated for her to suck with force while he was cumming. She rolled her tongue around the head until every last drop had been removed.
Glen took a step back slowly. He was no longer stiff, but still throbbing, dick slide from Titi’s mouth and rested against the wooden rail.
“Would Sir like a cigar and a cup of coffee?”
Glen smiled and nodded. “Yes, girl… bring me a good cigar, just as I showed you.” Titi stood, head bowed, smiling. Glen disconnected the leash from her collar leaned forward and gently bit her bottom lip, then smacked her on her naked ass.
“Go…” he ordered her softly. Titi stepped back two paces, made a half left turn, and ran into the house. Glen stood for a few minutes staring off at the trees that bordered the house and smiled. An after smoke activity danced inside of his head. Just then Titi returned with a platter holding a large cup, a coffee pot, a small leather case, and a box of matches. Glen moved slowly from the rail to the patio table set, which was ironically the only furniture that wasn’t rented. Titi tossed a large towel over the chair before he sat down, then returned to the task of serving him. She poured the coffee and placed it on the table at his right. She then slowly began the process of preparing his cigar. She placed the cut cigar in the ash tray then placed the large glass square next to his coffee. He stood with her head bowed while he examined the cigar. Glen waved it beneath his nose and welcome the smell. He placed the cigar into his mouth and waited for Titi to light it. She drug one of the large wooden matches across the side of the box and brought the flame to the end of the cigar. Glen took a long “toke” and blew the smoke into Titi’s face. She smiled at him and bowed her head.
“Kneel, girl” Glen said.
Titi bent at the knees in a smooth practiced motion and knelt before her Master. Glen thought of the beauty of the house and wondered if he should sell this home or keep it for him self.
“The next one Big Dawg,” his inner voice said “you have to recoup this money for other gigs. You have a house in the city where all the work is.” He finally nodded and told himself there would be others. He toked the cigar again, slowly sipped from his coffee cup then flicked the ashes that hung from the end of the cigar, into Titi’s mouth. She smiled then lowered her gaze. Glen stroked her head and thought of the house and what to do with it. He toked again and blew the smoke into the his slaves face again. He sat quietly, smoking and watching the deer eat and slowly walk into the woods.
He downed the last of his coffee, flicked more ashes into Titi’s mouth and placed his cigar in the ashtray.
“Titi, we are going for a walk in the woods.” He removed the leash and stood. “Let’s have a little fun.”

Glen sent Titi to shower. He left a notes for her to just come out the back of the house and follow the foot trail. He quickly cleaned himself, threw on a pair of jean, tshirt and black leather work boots. He grabbed a large bag and headed out the patio door. He jogged a bit, excited to be out in the woods. He felt another urge to howl and instead of fighting it, Glen decided to indulge and howled loudly into the air. He jogged a bit getting his heart rate up. Glen moved a few more meters into woods and found a clump of trees that were what he was hoping for. He dropped his bag and began setting up.

Titi quickly dried herself, pulled on a pair of leggings, slipped into a tight tank top and her gym shoes and headed out to find Mister Glen. Her body buzzed from the morning’s activity and she wondered what Mister had in store for her. She playfully trotted across the yard toward the small opening that narrowed into a path. Titi smiled as her heart fluttered thinking of the feel of Mister inside of her while the forest looked on. She thought of how freeing it would be to give herself to Mister Glen.
“Miiis-ter”… she sang out to him. She continued down the path. She slipped through the branches trying to keep her eyes on what she thought was Mister Glen’s back. She remembered the summers as a counselor, sneaking away in the woods. It was the first time she had ever tasted another woman. Titi was giddy with wetness. She stepped around a tree then duck under a low small branch and looked to where Mister Glen was standing.
Smiled allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness that was set in.
“You smell like a pretty and clean little girl.” Mister Glen’s voice was low and rough, as his a beast of some kind had stolen his voice.
“Mister?” Titi turned toward where she thought she had heard his voice.
“I hate pretty and clean.” The voice had come from behind her now, she was sure of it. Titi turned around only to see a branch shaking. She smiled. Mister was being playful. She quickened her pace.
“I can smell your girlie stench.”
Titi was sure of two things now, one she was badly turned around and was no longer sure which way to the house. And secondly the voice was more beast than man. Her heart sank. She turned and continued down a small path. She wasn’t sure if it was the path on which she started. Titi focused on what she believed to be a clearing. She could hear running water and remembered Mister told her about a small creek behind the house. She rushed, slightly frightened and slightly horny. Some where behind her she could hear a soft growling. She turned her head to see if the feeling of being watched and followed was true. Sweat began to run down her face and into her eyes.
“Bitch you stink”…
Mister’s rough voice was right in front of her. She jumped and turned to face him but was met with a branch slapping her across her face. Titi threw her hands up to her face instinctively. She felt something being thrown over her head, turning everything dark. The next feeling was a hand grab her ankle and snatched her feet from beneath her then the sensation of being dragged. The rough forest ground ripped and grabbed at her soft skin and clothing. Titi heard His grumbling growling voice just beneath her moan and screams. The hand around her ankle felt like a vise. She flailed around trying to find something to grab. Twice she wrapped her hand around something covered in thorns and she quickly learned her lesson. She gently began to whimper as the raw primal urge to touch her vagina for safety ran through her head. They suddenly stopped. She was snatched roughly to her feet and placed against what she knew to be a tree. Titi felt the sun against her exposed skin. For a second he stood in front of her blocking the sun. The hood was snatched roughly from her head. Before she could gather her self and get her bearings a powerful smack across her face sent starry flashes into her brain and behind her closed eye lids. Again He was gone from her sight. She could see they were in a small clearing. The sun light covered the small opening perfectly. She turned her head slightly. Her tiny movement was betrayed by the gentle rustling of dead leaves beneath her feet. Titi froze. Although He hadn’t told her not to move she instinctively knew not to move. There was a rough movement behind her then something came around the tree from her right moving to her left. She quickly realized is was a belt or strap of some kind. Titi felt as if she were being hung. She grabbed for her throat and tried pulling free. She stood on her tip-toes and breathed in deeply through her nose. She watched as Mister walked from around the tree dragging his nails which surprisingly felt like claws, across her body. He stared into her eyes. His face was covered haphazardly in mud. He gripped her by the neck, forced her mouth open and spit into the back of her throat, kissed her roughly, then sniffed her.
“Stinky little girl” he growled. Mister kissed her and continued around the tree. Titi continued on her tip-toes, only this time her breath was stolen by Mister’s kiss. He grabbed her arms by the wrist and pulled the backward. Mister quickly bound her hands. The rope was thick and coarse. Titi whimpers were filled with passion and lust. She hadn’t realized she was peeing herself until the small puddle that had gathered at her feet was making it harder to stand on her tip-toes. Her feet were unable to get any traction. Her heart and clitoris both pound with fury. Mister came back into view carrying a long whip and large combat knife. He stabbed the knife into the tree next to her face and turned to walk off. He was complete naked. His penis full and standing erect from his body. Parts of his body were covered in dirt and mud. He grinned at her, bearing his teeth. “…better to eat you with my Dear”, that grin said.
Titi turned her head and caught a partial reflection of herself inside of the large shiny knife. Just a different feral version. She tilted her head to make eye contact with the woman in the knife’s reflection. The Woman in the reflection smiled with her eyes at Titi.
“This is our freedom,” she whispered to Titi, “…now be Free.”
Titi turned her head and tried focusing on Mister. She felt blissfully sluggish. “I am FREE” she whispered watching Mister unfurl the whip, flicking his wrist, further unraveling it.
He swung his arm up and around in a graceful motion. The whip snapped sharply against her thigh. Titi wasn’t sure if her pants, her skin or both were ripped open.
He pulled back and again with he same sweeping motion, released the whip against her body. Each sting brought a deep level of bliss, as if she were floating down stairs. Titi tried counting. She always reminded herself to keep count, but always lost count after three.
“It’s 15.” The reflection said, “Five more than last time. Titi smiled. He would be pleased with her. “You(I am) are Free,” Titi and the reflection whispered together.
Titi felt her head drop slightly, then in what felt like the next instant Mister was in front of her. He remove the knife from the tree and disappeared. The Reflection Lady was gone. Titi could move her neck but not her arms. Mister growled loudly in ecstasy. He snatched and cut at her clothing exposing her skin and wounds to the open her. Titi felt the sting of the air against her freshly open gashes. A violet quiver erupted through her. Mister cut her pants and away just in time to see her sexual juices spring from her. He grabbed her by her buttocks thighs and lifted her to his mouth. He licked and sucked roughly. Titi heard a faint gentle howl, first believing it was an animal saluting their primal display then realized it was her. Mister lowered her, then pressed her against the tree. He disappeared behind out of her sight and quickly returned. The pain in her shoulders was deep. But even with that it didn’t stop Titi from throwing her arms around Mister’s neck and biting him. He growled then howled into the sky and entered her with a primal force. She felt his tongue against her open wounds. He bounced her powerfully on his dick; each thrust pushed her cream down his shaft. Soon her thick creaminess coated her inner thighs and his stomach. They both bit and howled in unison. Titi rose slightly from her blissful place to move her hips with the rhythm of His thrust. He was growling faster and rougher. She matched his intensity-thrust and howls. He gripped her around her neck and bit her lip the kissed her. Titi’s body begged for his touched. He licked more of her open wounds. Without warning he thrust upward and grabbed her tighter. His hot primal seed shot inside of Titi. She quivered and pushed downward to receive him.
They both slowed their thrust and breathing until Titi slumped against Mister’s body then slowly slid out of her embrace and kneels at his feet. With one last beastly growl and grunt, Mister relieved himself all over Titi’s body. She curled tighter into her in fetal position and drifted back to her blissful place.
Glen pulled the thin blanket from his bag and covered her body. He gathered all of his things, picked Titi up, looked around and headed back to the house. He hadn’t seen the young couple hiking who now were having sex after stumbling across them and their scene. He carried Titi to the patio and gently brought her back from her blissful place.
“Girl I want you to lay on the sofa until I call for you”
Titi nodded her head in affirmation and moved to do as she was told. Glen showered and placed food in the oven to warm for them both to eat. He ran a bath for Titi, adding epson salt and lavender. Glen carried her to the bath and slowly lowered her into the water. He gently washed her body. Moving carefully around her cuts and scrapes. He slid a floating travel pillow around her neck and let her soak.
After a few minutes he returned to the bathroom to find her sitting up admiring her wounds.
“Thank You Mister,” she whispered.
Glen smiled.
“Come eat and then to bed.”
“Mister may the girl just have fruit and and water. She promises to eat later. She is sleepy.”
Again Glen smiled, “yes she may.”
He walked her to the master suite and tucked her in. He handed her a bowl or melons and strawberries then slid naked beneath the covers next to her. Titi ate a few of the small pieces of fruit, licked her fingers then nestled against Glen’s chest.

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Jaden Lee

Name: Jaden Lee

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Social Media/Booking:

Tumblr: @ms-jadenlee

Instagram: @jadenlee_afop


(Latex Clothing created by Allure Bound for customs orders  contact Allure Bound @ www.ALLUREBOUND.COM

Instagram: @allurebound




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A’Lanah Shelton

Name: A’lanah Shelton

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Social Media


Instagram: @lavishfab

alanah_uag_4 alanah_uag_5 alanah_uag_6 alanah_uag_1 alanah_uag_2 alanah_uag_3

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Donnica Onyx



afro_angel_4 afro_angel_6 afro_angel_7 afro_angel_1 afro_angel_2 afro_angel_3

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Fabienne Marthol

Fashion Designer & Model

Fabienne Marthol


IG: @fabulousfab2

Facebook: Fabienne FabulousFabassassin_7 assassin_8 assassin_2a assassin_3 assassin_4 assassin_5 assassin_6 assassin_1

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Amber Jae Blaxx

The Knotty Girls Magazine Volume 8 will feature Amber as a knotty angel. This is a sneak peak of her spread. You can follow of book Amber on IG: @officialajblaxx

aj_kink_5 aj_kink_6 aj_kink_3 aj_kink_4 aj_angel_1 vol8_promo

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Tasia Perry


tasia_15 tasia_10 tasia_9 tasia_6 tasia_5 tasia_4 tasia_3 tasia_2 tasia_1 tasia_8 tasia_7

Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

Find out more on MagCloud

Name (please include company name, url, website, business contact information)  Tasia Perry
Zodiac: Aquarius
Location (city, state, and country) Chicago IL,  USA
Measurements (include height) 34B-24-31 5’3″
Influence My influence has always been Tyra Banks. I used to dream of being a Victoria’s secret model when I was a little girl.
Dream Project/Job: I still wanna be a Victoria’s secret model lol but really just the opportunity to travel and see the world is amazing to me.
Lesson(s) learned the hard way: I’m not sure of the date yet, but I will be doing a feature for sultry magazine. I’m really excited about that.
Any upcoming releases, projects or events?


Publications/Sites/Stores where your work can be seen or purchased? For all those looking, you can find me on, in addition to knotty girls mag,  I’ll be featured in sultry magazine within the next couple months.
How do you prepare for a shoot? I prepare by practicing faces in the mirror, depending on the theme, I really try to put myself in the scene as if I’m role-playing. I try to imagine the emotions I’d feel if this were really happening, and then really let that show as much as possible with my face.
What part of Modeling do you think is overrated? I personally think the video girl modeling is becoming overrated, mostly because it used to be so multi- faceted but now you have a cardboard cutout of what they think you have to look like and women come in so many shapes sizes and colors. It’s very limiting.
How many tattoos/piercings do you have and are there meanings behind each? No tats, just a belly ring. #teamflatstomach
Sneakers or Stilettos? Both, it just depends on the day. I’ll take an outfit and have gym shoes on by day then heels at night with the very same outfit. It’s all about how I feel.
We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? I love music, so any type of way I can create and express myself through it, I’m down with.  I’m also big on hair and makeup, which is a big focus of mine in between gigs.
How do you unwind?Well as I mentioned before I’m really into music, all kinds, so good tunes always help me mellow out and unwind. That, and a glass of Hennessey, of course.
Dancer or wall flower? Dancer. Absolutely a dancer.
Popcorn or Potato chips? Potato chips
First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? I quit. I was 18, fresh out of high school, and after working just a couple months, I realized I hated waking up and going there every day. I was miserable like someone at a company that’s been there over 20 years. Then one day I just asked myself, why am I doing this why am I suffering myself to go here to a place I hate and my coworkers were mean and I didn’t like them either, so I quit that same week. Shorty was always cool though.
Slang you feel is overused?
Turn up, and sadly I use it too #dontjudgeme lol

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Calypso Storm

Name/Contact Info/Site

o Calypso Storm


o (a work in progress)

o Facebook:

o Tumblr: CalypsoStorm

Age: 35

City: Chicago, IL

o Height: 5’10”

o Bra: 40J (Yes, this size exists.  No, they don’t make “cute” bras in my size.)

o Body Type: “real thick and juicy”

Type of Model(Adult, Pin-up, Fashion, etc) : I am still new to this and therefore a work in progress.  For the time being, I’m hoping for a cross between fetish/kink, pin-up and cosplay/geek.

Do you model full-time/part-time?  For now, modeling is a hobby.  We’ll see if anything more comes of it.

Zodiac: Capricorn (though the only Capricorn traits I really possess are stubbornness/determination and loyal to a fault)

Photographer: the incomparable Solomon Abrams (Urban American Gallery, Thick Chick Academy and Knotty Girls)

 Tattoos/Piercings? If so how many and where?

o Piercings: 4 (one in each ear; one barbell in each nipple)

o Tattoos: 6

Lower Back: small Manderin symbol for “music” (hey! I was 17 and it was before “tramp stamps” were a thing)

 Between Shoulder Blades: Manderin symbol for “strength”

Left Wrist: Arabic symbol for “peace” (salaam)

Right Wrist: Spanish word for “solidarity”

Top of Left Foot: Latin phrase that means “know thyself” (similar to the sign in the Oracle’s home in the original Matrix movie, only mine is grammatically correct 😉 )

Inside of Right Calf: medium tribal style African Leopard – it’s my spirit animal.
During a safari in the Masaai Mara in Kenya in 2014, on our quest to see all of “the Big 5”, our guide told us that the African Leopard is elusive and will “only be seen if she wants to”.  When we saw her lounging 50 feet up in the tree he said, “she is not the biggest predator in the Great Rift Valley, but she is the most fearsome.  She will never start a fight but she will always finish one”.

Dream Project/Job? To be honest, I never imagined I would be doing this at all.  It has been fun just getting to be a part of it.  Photo shoots are like playing “dress up” as adults.  I get to see myself in ways that I never thought possible.

Lesson(s) learned the hard way?  The hardest lesson I have learned (or rather continue to learn) is that I am deserving.  Buddha once said, “you yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, are deserving of your love and affection”.  I have always been focused on giving, fighting for and protecting others. I am learning that I am most effective and capable of giving when I take care of myself.  It is, however, much easier said than done.

How long have you been doing this?  My first shoot was on 01/02/2016.  So I am as new as they come.

How’d you get started in modeling?  I have had a long-term playmate whom I have shared the kink lifestyle via swinging (and light BDSM) for about 4 years.  Once he saw how much I enjoyed having my tits tied up (cupcake style) at a lifestyle party, he decided to hook me up with Solomon Abrams, who is known for his Shibari rope work and photography.  While I fought against the idea that I could ever be a model, I was assured that Mr. Abrams enjoys shooting “curvy and thick women”.  I thought I would try it once, just to say I had done it, and be done.  It turns out, it’s a lot of fun and I might be addicted.  Not to mention the wonders it does for your self-concept to see yourself through the lens of a skilled photographer.

Any upcoming releases, projects or events?  I am working to develop a website that will have exclusive content and perhaps merchandise.  It will also feature a blog that focuses on healthy kink and fetishes.  I am working on my social media game, even though I learned that my pics are “too sexy” for Instagram (only after getting my account deleted).

What do you think your industry/art form is missing? I’m too new to this art to have much of an opinion.  I am most fascinated and drawn into photography of Shibari rope work.  It is beautiful in a primal way.  It shows both a strength and vulnerability in each model.  I wish that our society and culture as a whole were less prudish about the human body and sexuality.  Even if you’re not “into” kink and fetishes, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to acknowledge the depth and intensity of the art form.  Even if you know nothing about rope work, it is hard to look at these photos and not see the beauty in them.
Do you think faith has a place in modeling?  As a model, I believe my role is to be a canvas for the photographer.  That means if the photographer would like to feature elements of faith, I would be open to doing so.  As a model creating my own brand, it is clear that each model has their own niche and their faith can be part of that.  I am not interested in telling anyone what they can and can not do.  The beauty of art is that there are no limitations as to what can be interesting or powerful.  Personally, as an aspiring Buddhist, my faith does not take a center role in my work.  It has, however, helped me learn to let go and enjoy myself in the process.  I use meditation to be present in the moment and to become what is being asked of me.

Items you think every model should have in her bag?  Deodorant!  Working hard is part of what we sign up for (and believe me, it IS a workout), but there is NO excuse to let your funk get between you and your photographer – especially when they’re getting up close and personal doing Shibari rope work or repositioning “the girls” because your hands are (literally) tied.  There are other obvious answers, such as: lingerie; wigs; shoes; and makeup.  When it comes down to brass tacks, though, deodorant and the right, playful, attitude can go a long way.

 What was the hardest challenge being a plus size model?  While I don’t struggle to view other plus sized women as beautiful, I definitely struggle to view myself as beautiful.  Like most things, we are our own worst enemies.  It took me until my late 20’s to accept the fact other people find me attractive.  I am well into my 30’s and just now learning that I might actually be somewhat attractive… I still don’t feel comfortable identifying as a “model” though.  hehe


blue_booty_2 blue_boobie_1 blue_boobie_2 blue_boobie_3 blue_booty_1

pin_up_2 pin_up_3 pin_up_4 pin_up_5 pin_up_6 pin_up_1


Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

Find out more on MagCloud

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Lanita Joseph

I have to say, Lanita is a consummate professional. She came to the shoot dealing with a few personal issues. She smiled and said,” No I’m fine, Let’s do it.” It was like she flipped a switch and focused strictly on the shoot. She smiled and danced some as the jazz music switched between swing and some soulful sounds,  the dance choreographer came out and she began to loosen up.


Name (please include company name, url, website, business contact information)
Lanita Joseph, Lanita shera, founder at Lanita joseph dance and cultural center

Zodiac: Capricorn

Measurements (include height)5’7 36-27-38
Influence: life and love
Dream Project/Job: to be able to create art at my leisure and still live more than comfortable

Any upcoming releases, projects or events? Yes!
Sugar brown burlesque show
I hate/love/hate Valentine’s Day
Vanilla and screenplay

Industry: dance , modeling

Publications/Sites/Stores where your work can be seen or purchased? I’m featured in nick Skillz works, Tony smith , and ken Wallace images!

Favorite piece of equipment under $50? boom box
How do you prepare for a shoot? I take a shower lol
What part of Modeling do you think is overrated? None. I have a great time!
How many tattoos/piercings do you have and are there meanings behind each? Zero ! And the meaning is that im all natural and adding such things will depreciate the value of my body that God constructed!
Sneakers or Stilettos? Neither I like bare foot
We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? I’m doing it now .. Dance, modeling… I don’t believe in work… It’s bad for your health!
How do you unwind? I get naked and turn on the heat while scrolling through facebook
Dancer or wall flower? Wall flower
Popcorn or Potato chips? Chips
First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? Both. They demoted me so I quit!
Slang you feel is overused? thot

Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

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vol_7_cover_promolanita_shero_1 lanita_shero_2 army_2 army_3 army_1

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Simona Bambina

Name: Simona Bambina

Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

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simona_redchair_1 simona_redchair_2 simona_redchair_3 simona_redchair_4 simona_redchair_5

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