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Ms. Five Starr


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Instagram: @shonda2be_exact

Snapchat: @Shonda2U

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Goddess Sadie Hawkins

For those who don’t know you please tell us about yourself?
I’m a lifestyle professional Dominant of color currently home based in Phoenix, AZ.
In my career I’ve worked as a phone actress, sex educator, relationship enhancement product distributor, substitute teacher, nanny, professional dominatrix and fetish model.
I understand that you’re a Goddess, how does someone earn the title of Goddess?
I believe all women are Goddesses. I became an ordained minister in 2006 after which I try to honor the divine feminine in all things on a daily basis. I think one doesn’t become a Goddess, I think one is born a Goddess. There are five basic female archetypes, Goddess is just one of those archetypes. I believe one who has earned the title Mistress or Master has mastered their craft and has been deemed a master by their mentor or community at large.

With the recent popularity of BDSM what are your thoughts the lifestyle and how it’s being viewed?
 I think its too sensationalized, it’s more mainstream these days, which in my honest opinion has removed some of sacredness and discretionary imagery. When I became involved in BDSM & the Leather community, one had to go out of their way to be invited into that realm. The days of having to hand write an anonymous letter to a P.O. Box are no longer a novelty due to the surge of social media and the internet.

With all of your experience in the lifestyle, have you ever consider writing a book or blog? Do you take on apprentices?
 I currently have a blog( named Sadie’s Shrewd Speculations where I post my travel announcements, career updates, lifestyle community news and kinky events. 
I’ve updated the blog regularly for the past several years. I currently have an apprentice, Mistress Fiona. She is not only my apprentice but also serves as my submissive, she recently signed a one year submissive apprentice contract with me. Which is in alignment with Old Guard Leather lifestyle protocol that one must submit before earning the honor of becoming a Top/Dominant/Mistress/Master.
How often do you travel?
I travel extensively year round. I’ve been traveling for the larger part of my career therefore I now have the luxury of only traveling to cities where
someone has sponsored my travel to visit that particular city.
After all this time how was it to finally work with Solomon Abrams?

It was awesome!  I can’t wait for the opportunity again.  We’ve been communicating online for years and as luck would have it my summer travels of 2015 lead me to Chicago. The day he was leaving was the day I was arriving.  We both made it happen, he was professional, talented and quite the gentleman. Which are all qualities I admire in men especially when you’re taking your clothes off for the camera.

What drew you to his work?
His talented eye, yet beautiful way he captures full figured curvaceous women of color in a positive light. There isn’t too many photographers that are consistent in their work, their theme within the genre of BBW photography




Knotty Girls Volume 6

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Volume 6

Find out more on MagCloud

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Love Legacy

Name: Love Legacy

Age: 27

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: Chicago, Il

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Measurements: 34C – 25- 36

Group Affiliate: ABKModelz

Photographer: Solomon Abrams





Since you were last featured on our site how have things been for you? Since I was last featured I’ve just been trying to concentrate on my brand and focusing on things that really matter. I’ve started working on my website and getting fit; living a healthy life.

What was your inspiration for this shoot? Well Solomon and I were both just kicking around the Idea of old school, soulful black women. How back in the 60’s & 70’s you would see images of nude of semi nude black women every where. Just being , Ya know beautiful. So we went from there. Plus for me I’m not a teeny-bopper any more I wanted to do things like this that spoke to the mature taste of my fan base and myself.

How was it working with this photographer? Solomon Abrams is so fun to work with. We met at a super shoot a couple years back and he was just fun and professional. I have always liked his creativity and his ideas. And even though we were doing bondage he wasn’t creepy or pervy like some photographers can be. He had me cracking up the whole time.

What were some challenges that you faced during this shoot? Not so much this theme but we shot the knotty girl bondage theme first and I had to get used to the collar, the rope and the arm binder things. It was exciting not being able to move. Lol gotta find out where he got that stuff… Lol

What can your fans expect from you in the future?
My fans can expect more of me. More sexy and mature themes. A lot of people have asked about different things like posters and prints to buy or if I webcamed and I’m going to do more of that.

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Gabrielle Sky

Name: Gabrielle Sky

Home Town: Detroit, Mi

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Ashley Weathers (Miz Lady Red)


Name: Miz Lady Red

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Dancer

Location: Chicago,il 60628

Zodiac: Pisces

Measurements: 34D, 28, 32

Group Affiliation if any: N/A

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’ve done a Valentines Day shoot for Solomon Abrams.  I’m in  Knottygirls Magazine (vol4).

Links/Contact/Booking Info:  Ig- stylist_model_111 (booking)

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Amber MadBeautiful

amber_diamond_2 amber_diamond_1 amber_diamond Amber_6 Amber_5 Amber_4 Amber_3 Amber_2


Name Amber MadBeautiful


Zodiac: Libra

Location: Chicago Il

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Measurements: HT5″5 Wt150  36c, 24, 38

Lesson learned the hard way: So I learned that you can’t be nice to everyone the hard way. People often take my kindness for weakness. They try to see how much they can get out of me.

How long have you been doing this? I have been modeling for about 3 years now and I love it!

What got you into this? When I was younger so many people told me that I should model. I tried it and was very good at it…I really enjoy it.


Booking/Contact: IG @madbeautiful1 , Facebook: Twitter: @madbeautiful1

(Black Jacket and Matching Boot covers designed by Brandee Baboski of House of  Babosk)

Videos featuring Amber:

Silva Dolla Pill$

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Love Legacy

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Name: Love Legacy

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: Chicago, Il

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Measurements: 34C – 25- 36

Group Affiliate: ABKModelz

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

MUA: Lala Sanders

Hair: Wyketta Johnso

Model Experience/Goals: Modeled for designers in local fashion shows. Print model for InEvitable Styles WGN Appearance “Fashion Segment” On Seasons 2 Excused (Ch.26 local)

Goal: To be a working and recgonized commercial print/ fashion model in the entertainment industry. To build my brand through fashion and marketing/ promotions.

Booking Inquiries:

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Darvece Monson The Urban American Patriot

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  1. July 4th is Independence Day for the United States of America. But Today is END DEPENDENCE! Darvece Monson is a mother of a five year old daughter, model, a nurse, poet, activist, fitness trainer and all around bad ass. She FREE’D herself from excuses and got things going. You can too. So End your Dependence on excuses and TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK. MAKE-UP BY Makeup: Jill Alise Mitchell, Hair cut by: MANUTE THE CELEBRITY BARBER “Lavish Life Haircuts”flag_darvece_2flag_darvece_6
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Essence Joy

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Name: Essence Joy
Race/Nationality: Black
Occupation: Student
Location:St. Louis, Mo
Zodiac: Gemini
Measurements: HEIGHT: 5’8
Bust: 34C
Group Affiliation if any: FAF Pure
Photographer: Solomon Abrams
Links/Contact/Booking Info
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Destinie Serenity

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Name (please include company name, url, website, business contact information)

Destinie Serenity –   email

Instagram-DestinieSerenity   Twitter- Serenity_imodel  Facebook- Destinie Serenity

Is this your birth name or alter ego and why did you choose it?

Half and half. My first name Destinie is my real name. Serenity came from college because of my calm and serene demeanor. Many people called me serenity so I just stuck with them both.

Location (city, state, and country)

Chicago, IL USA

Art form (Photography, Clothing Designer, Poetry, Modeling, etc.)

Model and actress

Measurements (include height)

Height: 5’7 ½

Weight: 120lbs

34 B/C-26-36

Genre/Artist Medium

Print, runway, editorial, eye candy, commercial, high fashion, and promotional modeling.

Why do you think what you do is an art form

I believe its an art form because, you, in a way get to be so many different things. Just like art you can change things up, its never the same picture or same painting or same sculpture in art and its never a duplicate in what I do either.


Tyra Banks- I think she opened a lot of doors as well as others before her for modeling, but she even took it as far as acting, and tv shows and that’s exactly what I want to do.

Industry Pet Peeves

*Thinking that all models are hoes and will sleep with anything to get a boost up

*I don’t like how the urban industry is so fixated on the video vixen looks, granted everyone has a different shape, body ect, but I don’t feel like petite models get the same opportunities as thicker models do now because of the direction modeling has gone.


Dream Project/Job-

My dream project would be a new York fashion runway model as well as an amazing actress on a hit tv show.

Lesson(s) learned the hard way

*Everyone is not your friend and everyone is not looking to help benefit you and your craft. If you want something done do it yourself.

What do you think your industry/art form is missing?

I think the industry is missing talent now. There are lots of beautiful girls but it takes talent to actually be a model and I believe a lot of people are getting involved because of the people they know or how their bodies look.

How long have you been doing this?

I started at a young age for a few years between 5-8 then got back into it about 3 years ago.

What got you into this?

I began modeling thru my mother’s job who did advertisements for catalogues, and after that it was just a passion

Why do you feel you’re an Urban American Artist?

Just from my look and the kinds of shoots I enjoy doing. I can change up my look a lot and just adapt to the new changes going on.

Any upcoming releases, projects or events?Industry:

*Skillz Mag vol 2 realease is oct 31st.

*Music video project coming soon

Publications/Sites/Stores where your work can be seen or purchased?

Vibe Magazine “Vibe Vixen of the Day”- 2012

*Featured Model “Stunnerbaby Magazine” Blog- October 2012

*Published in JLP Magazine- January 2013

*Published in Carolina Buzz-April 2013

*Published in SKILLZ Chicago Urban Industry Magazine- May 2013

*Published in GEI July issue-July 2013

*Featured Model on Top Shelf Entertainment- August 2013

*Featured Model in BubbleShake Magazine (Online)- August 2013

*Featured Model in Damn Diva Magazine – September 2013

* Published in Bubbleshake Magazine Issue #25- October 2013

How do you prepare for a shoot?

I always ask questions of what the photographer wants to get out the shot. I prepare myself to become that character I am trying to portray. Also get all the hair, nails, eyebrows ect done before hand just in case there’s no MUA or hairsylist on set.

Do you have a “go bag” and what’s in it?

Yes I do, in my bag are nude undergarments, different kinds of undergarments (never know what kind of outfit you will wear) I have my makeup in it, a couple different pairs of shoes, black shirt, and accessories.

Where do you see your Industry in the future?

I see myself really making a name for myself and networking with the right people to get me to become worldwide. I hope to be on tv and one day walk in a victoria’s secret fashion show.

Advice you would give new people in YOUR industry?

Stay true to yourself. The industry can really get a person who is not strong willed on what they want and what they want to accomplish. Always have confidence in yourself. Everyone is not going to like you or like what you’re doing but if you’re ok with it, that’s all that matters.

Advice you would give to established people in YOUR industry?

*Just because your established doesn’t mean your work is over. Never stop the grind because as soon as you get comfortable is when someone else, someone more hard working, more hungry will come take your place.

Whats your process for choosing assignments and why?

I, first, see if it’s a project that can benefit me, also look into who is apart of the shoot such as photographer, designer ect. and their previous work.

Why did you cut your hair?

I cut my hair off because I needed something different. I needed a change. I felt like I have looked the same since forever, so a cut did the job. And with the cut I can have the short look, or I can always throw in some weave and have a long look so it diversifies me.

How many tattoos/piercings do you have and are there meanings behind each?

  • I have my ears and belly button pierced.
  • I have 3 tattoos. 1 is a cleft music note and a rose, this is for my love of music as well as a symbol of growth with the rose.
    • Second is my name inside a star with two stars on the side….this is self explanatory, I will be a star!!!
    • Third is Chinese letters saying love, friendship and strength. This is my most meaningful tat. It is in remembrance of my best friend Tiffany jones who passed away my sophomore year of high school from sickle cell. Me and my two other best friends got the tat for her.

Favorite child hood art project?

*I loved drawing things with chalk on the side walk. I use to also really like paper machetes.


We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job?

*I always wanted to work with children in some type of way. My degree is in psychology and criminal justice so working with juvies or underprivileged kids so they can know even when they feel they have no one they have me. I want to help those kids get back on track and better their futures.

How do you unwind?

I love sitting in a hot hot bath, candles lit with some light music and it just completely relaxes me.

Dancer or wall flower?

Definitely a dancer

Popcorn or Potato chips?


First job you ever had did you quit or get fired?

I quit. I was 15 years old with a working permit.

Slang you feel is overused?

Bad Bi**h and YOLO

Guilty Pleasure song?

Who run the world (GIRLS)- Beyonce J


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