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The Urban American Gallery is the Home BGi Photography and Photographer, Solomon Abrams , since 2013.
The studio is nestled in the scenic and historic Chicago neighborhood of Bronzeville

The Primary mediums used are photography and the human form to produce abstract Afro-Erotic art for prints and canvas.
It is the mission of the Gallery to:
Offer to the public a positive erotic image for People of Color and Shapely Women of Size, that will be timeless.
Produce and deliver a quality photographic experience for each of our clients whether trained model or woman trying to add some spice to her life.


Rates For Private Sessions
$125 for one look
$150 for two looks
$200 for three looks Models receive 20-50unedits and 5 edits per look.
Personal (non-music)  video to include 1-5min edit $150(starting cost) ($50 NONREFUNDABLE deposit/sitting fee. Shoots scheduled 48 hours or less $50) Location shoots are subject to 25 additional set up fee if within driving distance(Hours drive or 100 miles) Clients should try to arrive early to began preparing for shoot.




Models in or traveling to the Chicago area and wishing to be considered by the Urban American Gallery should submit the following:
Contact Info:
Bio with Measurements
Social Media links and/or website Url
Genre Applying to:
Clear Cellphone photos displaying your
•face NO MAKE UP (to include current hair style. If hairstyle changes or is different from portfolio please inform UAG before shoot)
•body in bra and panty front and back

After information has been reviewed a determination will be made, model will be contacted.

Model will receive no more than five (5) edited and watermarked media (photos and/or video to include but not limited to behind the scenes, and short promotional clips) per theme. Model may request more than the agree upon number of edits for $25 each additional edit.

We ask that models be comfortable with nudity although it doesn’t necessarily mean nudity will be displayed in photos.
Models are responsible for their own hair and make-up unless chosen for glamour themed shoot.
Models Should have a neat yet sexy appearance. tattoos welcome.
Models should arrive sober and not noticeably under the influence of any drugs or alcohol(slurred speech, red drowsy eyes, etc)
We ask that models DO NOT USE cellphone “retouching” filters on photos or have anyone else “re-edit photos”. It presents a poor representation of all those involved.
Only one escort may accompany model. Escort must be comfortable with content and theme of shoot.
Although this is a TFE/P shoot where normal fees will be waived by photographer, any last minute (non-emergency cancellations will be charged a $50 booking fee to re-schedule. EMERGENCY IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S DISCRETION.
No Unauthorized Behind the scenes photos or videos allowed. Photographer will conduct recordings of all footage for social media and will give model copies of all video for posting and promotion.
The premise of this shoot is to create bondage. The rope chosen will be jute, which is a non-slip rope. Along with that the style of rope bondage will be closer akin to shibari, which is a very restricting yet beautiful style. Models should prepare to be in awkward positions for upto 15 minutes or longer.
The photographer will take all precautions to ensure model does not have to be bound longer than needed.
Model understands and grants photographer or agent of his choosing to conduct, bondage restraint photography.
Model attests she has no medical conditions that will hinder or will be aggravated by being bound by rope.
Photographer understands that suppressed feelings, emotions, and/or “change of mind” may occur and will stop shoot immediately and remove restraints.
Photographer will conduct restraining or tying in a SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL manner.
Photographer does not claim to be a doctor or a medical professional.
Model will not hold photographer liable for any injury, bruising or scarring that may occur during “regular” bondage scene.
Although a “safe” word was given, the Photographer will stop shoot/scene at the first sign of distress.
Model should express to photographer if she wants “aftercare” Following shoot.


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  1. Hello my name is Monea Debarge nude model from Chicago, Illinois. First off I would like to say I love your work. I seen that you do shoot nudes and I wanted to introduce myself just in case you are ever looking for a nude model for paid work.

    You can see my work, resume, and rates here at http://www.moneadebarge.com

    I look forward to working with you. Thank you so much.

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