Goddess Sadie Hawkins

For those who don’t know you please tell us about yourself?
I’m a lifestyle professional Dominant of color currently home based in Phoenix, AZ.
In my career I’ve worked as a phone actress, sex educator, relationship enhancement product distributor, substitute teacher, nanny, professional dominatrix and fetish model.
I understand that you’re a Goddess, how does someone earn the title of Goddess?
I believe all women are Goddesses. I became an ordained minister in 2006 after which I try to honor the divine feminine in all things on a daily basis. I think one doesn’t become a Goddess, I think one is born a Goddess. There are five basic female archetypes, Goddess is just one of those archetypes. I believe one who has earned the title Mistress or Master has mastered their craft and has been deemed a master by their mentor or community at large.

With the recent popularity of BDSM what are your thoughts the lifestyle and how it’s being viewed?
 I think its too sensationalized, it’s more mainstream these days, which in my honest opinion has removed some of sacredness and discretionary imagery. When I became involved in BDSM & the Leather community, one had to go out of their way to be invited into that realm. The days of having to hand write an anonymous letter to a P.O. Box are no longer a novelty due to the surge of social media and the internet.

With all of your experience in the lifestyle, have you ever consider writing a book or blog? Do you take on apprentices?
 I currently have a blog(Goddesssadie.blogspot.com) named Sadie’s Shrewd Speculations where I post my travel announcements, career updates, lifestyle community news and kinky events. 
I’ve updated the blog regularly for the past several years. I currently have an apprentice, Mistress Fiona. She is not only my apprentice but also serves as my submissive, she recently signed a one year submissive apprentice contract with me. Which is in alignment with Old Guard Leather lifestyle protocol that one must submit before earning the honor of becoming a Top/Dominant/Mistress/Master.
How often do you travel?
I travel extensively year round. I’ve been traveling for the larger part of my career therefore I now have the luxury of only traveling to cities where
someone has sponsored my travel to visit that particular city.
After all this time how was it to finally work with Solomon Abrams?

It was awesome!  I can’t wait for the opportunity again.  We’ve been communicating online for years and as luck would have it my summer travels of 2015 lead me to Chicago. The day he was leaving was the day I was arriving.  We both made it happen, he was professional, talented and quite the gentleman. Which are all qualities I admire in men especially when you’re taking your clothes off for the camera.

What drew you to his work?
His talented eye, yet beautiful way he captures full figured curvaceous women of color in a positive light. There isn’t too many photographers that are consistent in their work, their theme within the genre of BBW photography




Knotty Girls Volume 6

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Volume 6

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