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The Glamazon Tyomi Morgan

Name: Tyomi Morgan
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Social Media: Instagram: @theglamazontyomi
Twitter: @glamazontyomi
Snapchat: @glamazontyomi
Booking information: bookingtyomi@gmail.com
What is your interest in rope?
-My interest in rope is actually a new awareness for me that has developed over the course of a few years.  I’ve always been fascinated in how women were able to be bound for hours in rope that appeared to be painful, yet they always seemed so peaceful and comfortable.  I began to experiment with rope lightly during a photo shoot in 2011, but my fetish training this year has opened my mind to experiment with different versions of shibari play including suspension.
What has been your experience with rope?
-My first time being placed in shibari was for a photo shoot with Gary Mitchell a few years ago. I was nervous, but I trusted him enough to place me in bondage and photograph it for the first time. It was a liberating experience.  Since then, I’ve had little experience with rope up until this year when I had to wear a shibari design for a full day during my fetish assignment.  It was interesting to see how people responded to it.
How was your experience with Mr. Abrams?
-I had an amazing time working with Mr. ABRAMS. He is a talented photographer and has a way of making you feel comfortable in your skin.  He’s funny, extremely knowledgeable about consciousness and BDSM play and his personality is off the chain.  I learned how to make home made microwavable popcorn in between looks and we had a few good laughs.  I would shoot with him again for sure!
Do you consider yourself a Dominant, submissive or a Switch?
-I consider myself a dominant.  In bed, however, I like to switch it up and play coy or submissive.  But in my every day life I can’t see myself playing as a submissive.  I’m too much of an alpha female to allow it.
Would you consider yourself a kinky person?
-I’m multifaceted, so I will say that there is an aspect of my personality that is kinky.  I wouldn’t describe my entire essence as kinky, but I do enjoy kink play and exploring within that space.


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