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Tasia Perry


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Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

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Name (please include company name, url, website, business contact information)  Tasia Perry mz.chanelno.1@gmail.com
Zodiac: Aquarius
Location (city, state, and country) Chicago IL,  USA
Measurements (include height) 34B-24-31 5’3″
Influence My influence has always been Tyra Banks. I used to dream of being a Victoria’s secret model when I was a little girl.
Dream Project/Job: I still wanna be a Victoria’s secret model lol but really just the opportunity to travel and see the world is amazing to me.
Lesson(s) learned the hard way: I’m not sure of the date yet, but I will be doing a feature for sultry magazine. I’m really excited about that.
Any upcoming releases, projects or events?


Publications/Sites/Stores where your work can be seen or purchased? For all those looking, you can find me on chicitymodels.com, in addition to knotty girls mag,  I’ll be featured in sultry magazine within the next couple months.
How do you prepare for a shoot? I prepare by practicing faces in the mirror, depending on the theme, I really try to put myself in the scene as if I’m role-playing. I try to imagine the emotions I’d feel if this were really happening, and then really let that show as much as possible with my face.
What part of Modeling do you think is overrated? I personally think the video girl modeling is becoming overrated, mostly because it used to be so multi- faceted but now you have a cardboard cutout of what they think you have to look like and women come in so many shapes sizes and colors. It’s very limiting.
How many tattoos/piercings do you have and are there meanings behind each? No tats, just a belly ring. #teamflatstomach
Sneakers or Stilettos? Both, it just depends on the day. I’ll take an outfit and have gym shoes on by day then heels at night with the very same outfit. It’s all about how I feel.
We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? I love music, so any type of way I can create and express myself through it, I’m down with.  I’m also big on hair and makeup, which is a big focus of mine in between gigs.
How do you unwind?Well as I mentioned before I’m really into music, all kinds, so good tunes always help me mellow out and unwind. That, and a glass of Hennessey, of course.
Dancer or wall flower? Dancer. Absolutely a dancer.
Popcorn or Potato chips? Potato chips
First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? I quit. I was 18, fresh out of high school, and after working just a couple months, I realized I hated waking up and going there every day. I was miserable like someone at a company that’s been there over 20 years. Then one day I just asked myself, why am I doing this why am I suffering myself to go here to a place I hate and my coworkers were mean and I didn’t like them either, so I quit that same week. Shorty was always cool though.
Slang you feel is overused?
Turn up, and sadly I use it too #dontjudgeme lol

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