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Calypso Storm

Name/Contact Info/Site

o Calypso Storm

o thecalypsostorm@gmail.com

o www.calypsostorm.com (a work in progress)

o Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecalypsostorm

o Tumblr: CalypsoStorm

Age: 35

City: Chicago, IL

o Height: 5’10”

o Bra: 40J (Yes, this size exists.  No, they don’t make “cute” bras in my size.)

o Body Type: “real thick and juicy”

Type of Model(Adult, Pin-up, Fashion, etc) : I am still new to this and therefore a work in progress.  For the time being, I’m hoping for a cross between fetish/kink, pin-up and cosplay/geek.

Do you model full-time/part-time?  For now, modeling is a hobby.  We’ll see if anything more comes of it.

Zodiac: Capricorn (though the only Capricorn traits I really possess are stubbornness/determination and loyal to a fault)

Photographer: the incomparable Solomon Abrams (Urban American Gallery, Thick Chick Academy and Knotty Girls)

 Tattoos/Piercings? If so how many and where?

o Piercings: 4 (one in each ear; one barbell in each nipple)

o Tattoos: 6

Lower Back: small Manderin symbol for “music” (hey! I was 17 and it was before “tramp stamps” were a thing)

 Between Shoulder Blades: Manderin symbol for “strength”

Left Wrist: Arabic symbol for “peace” (salaam)

Right Wrist: Spanish word for “solidarity”

Top of Left Foot: Latin phrase that means “know thyself” (similar to the sign in the Oracle’s home in the original Matrix movie, only mine is grammatically correct 😉 )

Inside of Right Calf: medium tribal style African Leopard – it’s my spirit animal.
During a safari in the Masaai Mara in Kenya in 2014, on our quest to see all of “the Big 5”, our guide told us that the African Leopard is elusive and will “only be seen if she wants to”.  When we saw her lounging 50 feet up in the tree he said, “she is not the biggest predator in the Great Rift Valley, but she is the most fearsome.  She will never start a fight but she will always finish one”.

Dream Project/Job? To be honest, I never imagined I would be doing this at all.  It has been fun just getting to be a part of it.  Photo shoots are like playing “dress up” as adults.  I get to see myself in ways that I never thought possible.

Lesson(s) learned the hard way?  The hardest lesson I have learned (or rather continue to learn) is that I am deserving.  Buddha once said, “you yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, are deserving of your love and affection”.  I have always been focused on giving, fighting for and protecting others. I am learning that I am most effective and capable of giving when I take care of myself.  It is, however, much easier said than done.

How long have you been doing this?  My first shoot was on 01/02/2016.  So I am as new as they come.

How’d you get started in modeling?  I have had a long-term playmate whom I have shared the kink lifestyle via swinging (and light BDSM) for about 4 years.  Once he saw how much I enjoyed having my tits tied up (cupcake style) at a lifestyle party, he decided to hook me up with Solomon Abrams, who is known for his Shibari rope work and photography.  While I fought against the idea that I could ever be a model, I was assured that Mr. Abrams enjoys shooting “curvy and thick women”.  I thought I would try it once, just to say I had done it, and be done.  It turns out, it’s a lot of fun and I might be addicted.  Not to mention the wonders it does for your self-concept to see yourself through the lens of a skilled photographer.

Any upcoming releases, projects or events?  I am working to develop a website that will have exclusive content and perhaps merchandise.  It will also feature a blog that focuses on healthy kink and fetishes.  I am working on my social media game, even though I learned that my pics are “too sexy” for Instagram (only after getting my account deleted).

What do you think your industry/art form is missing? I’m too new to this art to have much of an opinion.  I am most fascinated and drawn into photography of Shibari rope work.  It is beautiful in a primal way.  It shows both a strength and vulnerability in each model.  I wish that our society and culture as a whole were less prudish about the human body and sexuality.  Even if you’re not “into” kink and fetishes, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to acknowledge the depth and intensity of the art form.  Even if you know nothing about rope work, it is hard to look at these photos and not see the beauty in them.
Do you think faith has a place in modeling?  As a model, I believe my role is to be a canvas for the photographer.  That means if the photographer would like to feature elements of faith, I would be open to doing so.  As a model creating my own brand, it is clear that each model has their own niche and their faith can be part of that.  I am not interested in telling anyone what they can and can not do.  The beauty of art is that there are no limitations as to what can be interesting or powerful.  Personally, as an aspiring Buddhist, my faith does not take a center role in my work.  It has, however, helped me learn to let go and enjoy myself in the process.  I use meditation to be present in the moment and to become what is being asked of me.

Items you think every model should have in her bag?  Deodorant!  Working hard is part of what we sign up for (and believe me, it IS a workout), but there is NO excuse to let your funk get between you and your photographer – especially when they’re getting up close and personal doing Shibari rope work or repositioning “the girls” because your hands are (literally) tied.  There are other obvious answers, such as: lingerie; wigs; shoes; and makeup.  When it comes down to brass tacks, though, deodorant and the right, playful, attitude can go a long way.

 What was the hardest challenge being a plus size model?  While I don’t struggle to view other plus sized women as beautiful, I definitely struggle to view myself as beautiful.  Like most things, we are our own worst enemies.  It took me until my late 20’s to accept the fact other people find me attractive.  I am well into my 30’s and just now learning that I might actually be somewhat attractive… I still don’t feel comfortable identifying as a “model” though.  hehe


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Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

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