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Ashley Weathers (Miz Lady Red)


Name: Miz Lady Red

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Dancer

Location: Chicago,il 60628

Zodiac: Pisces

Measurements: 34D, 28, 32

Group Affiliation if any: N/A

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’ve done a Valentines Day shoot for Solomon Abrams.  I’m in  Knottygirls Magazine (vol4).

Links/Contact/Booking Info: email-ashleyweathers2014@gmail.com  Ig- stylist_model_111 (booking) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-Weathers/

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Savannah Moet Cummings

Things were going well during her KNOTTY GIRLS magazine shoot. When Savannah looks at me and says, “Solomon You mind if I take a couple behind the scene pix with my phone. Wanna send them to my boo-thang.” I nodded and laugh, “Yeah that’s cool,” and as she primped and posed I continued shooting. It was fun to see a model lose her self in the passion of HERSELF. No inhibitions. No nervousness. Just her, a camera, albeit a cell phone camera, and her beauty. I’d like to introduce Full Figured Model Savannah Moet Cummings. Our newest Knotty Girl.


rope_phone_4 rope_phone_3 rope_phone_2 rope_phone_7 rope_phone_6 rope_phone_5

Name:  Savannah Moet Cummings
Age: 26
Race/Nationality: Black
Occupation: Hair and Make-Up Stylist
Location: Chicago, Il
Zodiac: Aquarius
Measurements: 42-32-54
Group Affiliation if any: N/a
Photographer:  Solomon Abrams/ BGi Photography
Industry Pet Peeves: I despise disrespectful people.
Modeling Experience & Goals: To expand my brand and grow as a stylist and model. To continue pushing the creative envelope as a make-up artist and model.
Links/Contact/Booking Info: Follow me on instagram @iamurmissiningredient/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shavonne.myrant

See more of Savannah on The Thick Chick Academy: http://www.thethickchickacademy.net/1559/savannah-moet-cummings/

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