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Lanita Joseph

I have to say, Lanita is a consummate professional. She came to the shoot dealing with a few personal issues. She smiled and said,” No I’m fine, Let’s do it.” It was like she flipped a switch and focused strictly on the shoot. She smiled and danced some as the jazz music switched between swing and some soulful sounds,  the dance choreographer came out and she began to loosen up.


Name (please include company name, url, website, business contact information)
Lanita Joseph, Lanita shera, founder at Lanita joseph dance and cultural center

Zodiac: Capricorn

Measurements (include height)5’7 36-27-38
Influence: life and love
Dream Project/Job: to be able to create art at my leisure and still live more than comfortable

Any upcoming releases, projects or events? Yes!
Sugar brown burlesque show
I hate/love/hate Valentine’s Day
Vanilla and screenplay

Industry: dance , modeling

Publications/Sites/Stores where your work can be seen or purchased? I’m featured in nick Skillz works, Tony smith , and ken Wallace images!

Favorite piece of equipment under $50? boom box
How do you prepare for a shoot? I take a shower lol
What part of Modeling do you think is overrated? None. I have a great time!
How many tattoos/piercings do you have and are there meanings behind each? Zero ! And the meaning is that im all natural and adding such things will depreciate the value of my body that God constructed!
Sneakers or Stilettos? Neither I like bare foot
We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? I’m doing it now .. Dance, modeling… I don’t believe in work… It’s bad for your health!
How do you unwind? I get naked and turn on the heat while scrolling through facebook
Dancer or wall flower? Wall flower
Popcorn or Potato chips? Chips
First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? Both. They demoted me so I quit!
Slang you feel is overused? thot

Knotty Girls Vol. 7

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Vol. 7

This issue we celebrate “Black Kink” with our salute to Red, Black, & Green and the 70’s. Cover model Lanita Joseph is our feature model. He love the 70’s and dance can be seen in her photo spread. Model Altamese Hogan rocks her ‘Fro as well as a colorful head wrap in her spread. We introduce model…

Find out more on MagCloud


vol_7_cover_promolanita_shero_1 lanita_shero_2 army_2 army_3 army_1

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Sara Lai

Name: Sara Lai
Hometown: Chicago
Measurements: 5’2″, 32D, 24, shoe 7
Social Media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc): IG @the_drager

Tell us about you? I’m full of curiosity and wonder I enjoy exploring different concepts when it comes to art and photography. I aspire to be as an embalmer and cremator.
How do you describe your kink? I like to dabble in everything. Everything in moderation. Latex, bdsm, role play and reversal etc.
What is your interest in rope? The term shibari has not been in my dictionary for very long but from what I know of it.
What has been your experience with rope? I find it an exquisite form of artistic display.

How was your experience working with Mr. Abrams? Mr. Abrams is the first shibarist I have come in contact with so this may be biased and I may be holding him on a pedastool but he’s exceedingly talented not only as a shibarist but a photographer as well as photo editor.
Do you consider yourself a Dominant, Submissive, or Switch?  I am what I need to be, but for the right person I am a submissive, it is hard for me to naturally relax and give just anyone control of myself and my body. I find it easier to take on a dominant kind of role. However when I am physically with someone and I have no doubts about bar person I can let my guard down and trust them to take control.
How did you hear you about Knotty Girls? I encountered Mr. Abrams’ Instagram page and immediately the thought kind of stuck in my head. Although I don’t always collaborate I will for something that A. Piques my interest and B. Will definitely be a great addition to my portfolio.
You told me this was your first bondage shoot, how was it?
Would you consider yourself a kinky person? It was an interesting shoot and in no way did I feel violated Mr. Abrams kept it professional which helps all the more seeing as how restricting bondage can be.
How do you prepare for a show/shoot? In all honesty if it’s an early shoot I spend all night waking up every hour against my will finally manage to get up, put some cold tea bags over my eyelids apply some shadow, slick on some eyeliner and rub in some color (usually peachy or irridescent) on my cheeks (red/pink/wine) on my lips. I take my dog out, let her do her business and leave for my shoot.
Let’s change things up some…
Favorite Song to dance to? Anything by g eazy but I also like that song “I like tuh” DJ Carnage makes a remix featuring Lil Wayne and G Eazy 😉
However I also love country music and can find myself humming and swaying to that as well.
What’s you Guilty Pleasure? I enjoy sweets although I should really curb my intake. Not being of weight reasons, I could care less of how much I weigh.. I enjoy red meat, I enjoy sugar, especially sea salted brownies from trader joes and those little cake balls called wedding cakes as well as lemon tarts and coffee or mango flavored anything.
Which do you prefer;
Car, Truck or motorcycle?  Tacoma crew cab. Although I drive a civic (super gas efficient) and motorcycles are awesome but you have to worry about yourself and obeying the rules of the road as well as relying on the people around you to know the rules of the road.
Sneakers, Boots, Stilettos? I like sneakers I like boots, heels are pretty yet not everyday functional.
sara_site_7 sara_site_8 sara_site_2 sara_site_3 sara_site_4

To see more of Sara purchase Volume Six of Knotty Girls Magazine

Knotty Girls Volume 6

Urban American Art: Knotty Girls Volume 6

Find out more on MagCloud

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Ashley Weathers (Miz Lady Red)


Name: Miz Lady Red

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Dancer

Location: Chicago,il 60628

Zodiac: Pisces

Measurements: 34D, 28, 32

Group Affiliation if any: N/A

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’ve done a Valentines Day shoot for Solomon Abrams.  I’m in  Knottygirls Magazine (vol4).

Links/Contact/Booking Info: email-ashleyweathers2014@gmail.com  Ig- stylist_model_111 (booking) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-Weathers/

uag_ashley_1 uag_ashley_2 uag_ashley_3 bulls_1 bulls_2red_shirt_2 damn_diva_2 uag_ashley_4 uag_ashley_5 red_shirt_1 damn_diva_1

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Tiffany Monroe

ared_3 ared_2tiffany_rope_1 tiffany_rope_2 distress_2 distress_1 tiffany_glass_1 tiffany_glass_2tub_1a

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Miz Lady Red





harness_6harness_7harness_2harness_1 harness_4 harness_5    harness_3

Name: Ashley Weathers

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Location: Chicago, IL 60628

Zodiac: Pisces

Measurements: 34D, 28, 32

Group Affiliation if any: N/A

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’ve done a Valentines Day shoot for Solomon Abrams.  I’m in  Knottygirls Magazine (vol4).

Links/Contact/Booking Info: email-ashleyweathers2014@gmail.com  Ig- stylist_model_111 (booking) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-Weathers/

What’s was the inspiration behind this shoot?  The inspiration was B&W Kink…… To show sexual expression without color… The body speaks for itself … Natural art.

How do you prepare for a shoot? First I pray… Then I pack any of my own belongings that I may need… I practice facial expressions … I also have a talk with myself.. Then when I arrive at the shoot I pray again.




Take Off by Ashley Weathers

I won’t do this poetry thing like the rest

No not no way I want to b known as a great

But if I can’t get that Il take one of the best

I can survive any open mic

Put me to the test

N I’ve never been to one

But I mite

I’m not being big headed

I’m just being real

Staying confidant

But I’m sure I’m right

If there were hood poetry battles

I would win Straight knock out no fight

I work hard for anything and everything

Not slight

Cuz when I get to the top

I don’t ever want the good stuff to stop

I got to blow up Straight go , no stop sign

No pedestrians

I’m not waiting on no one to catch up

Go time Green light

Nothing will hold me back

Nope not drugs

Not even Gett’n slapped

Not in these streets like that

So Im sure ain’t getting capped

Not leaving this world no time soon

But soon I will b a star

Or should I’ll be way up to the  Moon

black_rose_1 black_rose_2 black_rose_3

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These unique keepsakes will turn any den or man cave into your very own private Gallery. Each print is mail framed and ready to hang. You can choose from an array of different Knotty Themed photographs. Purchase an individual photograph or set.

Tyomi Morgan

Photography Prints


Altamese Hogan

Art Prints


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Amber MadBeautiful

amber_diamond_2 amber_diamond_1 amber_diamond Amber_6 Amber_5 Amber_4 Amber_3 Amber_2


Name Amber MadBeautiful


Zodiac: Libra

Location: Chicago Il

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Measurements: HT5″5 Wt150  36c, 24, 38

Lesson learned the hard way: So I learned that you can’t be nice to everyone the hard way. People often take my kindness for weakness. They try to see how much they can get out of me.

How long have you been doing this? I have been modeling for about 3 years now and I love it!

What got you into this? When I was younger so many people told me that I should model. I tried it and was very good at it…I really enjoy it.


Booking/Contact: IG @madbeautiful1 , Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amber.madbeautiful Twitter: @madbeautiful1

(Black Jacket and Matching Boot covers designed by Brandee Baboski of House of  Babosk)

Videos featuring Amber:

Silva Dolla Pill$

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De’Velra Davon

Name: De’Velra Davon

Age: 29

Location: Chicago, Il

Measurements: 36C, 33, 46

Zodiac: Pisces

Group Affiliation: LBMG

davon_5 davon_6 develra_devon_2

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Kita Pebbles



NAME Kita Pebbles
AGE: 22

RACE/NATIONALITY: African American
OCCUPATION: Retail/ Fetish Model
MEASUREMENTS: 5’7 38 32 47
PHOTOGRAPHER: Solomon Abrams of BGi Photography
PET PEEVES: immaturity and uneducated
Modeling Goals: Be the New Tatted Cover Girl and show even ink can be beautiful
BOOKING/CONTACT: Follow me on IG Kitatatted_Juicy

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