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Name: Magdalena aka Magnolia

Age: 37

Race/Nationality: Caucasian/ Polish

Occupation: I have many job titles: journalist, painter, manager, editor of chief, cleaning lady, model, artist, event planner

Location: Chicago/Los Angeles/Warsaw

Zodiac: Taurus

Photographer: Solomon Abrams.

Industry Pet Peeves: Photographers who make you TFP shoot and then you need to beg them for pictures… It’s a nightmare.

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’m doing modeling about 7 years, but it was always a hobby for me.

Do I have any goals? Just to be on cover of Vogue , beside that, I’m interested in doing more creative, artistic shoots.

Links/Contact/Booking Info: Facebook: Magnolia Diamond.

What’s was the inspiration behind this shoot? I was trying to find something different and  it was a challenge for me to do it. It was going out of my comfort zone.

How do you prepare for a shoot? I don’t prepare. I’d rather be in the moment. You never know what will be going on during the shooting. Open mindedness is the key for the success.

How long have you been doing this? 7 years.

What got you into this? Love for photography, art, modeling, and fashion.

If you could go anywhere and model/do a photo shoot where would it be? I would like to have a shoot in modern interiors designed by my favorite designer Karim Rashid.

Favorite child hood art project? We were just playing with wood stick with the kids outside. We didn’t do any projects.

Dream Car? Batmobile.

Best way for a man to approach you? Oh la laaa. It’s a hard way. I am “mission impossible”.

We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? I would like to be fashion designer.

How do you unwind? Meditation, zen music, and work in the garden.

Dancer or wall flower? Dancer!!!!!

Popcorn or Potato chips? Always potato chips

First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? I was picking up cherries from the trees. I quit when, me and my friend discovered that the owners of the garder killed the pig and the pig was screaming so much. It was heartbreaking. That’s why Im not a big fun of meat eating.

Slang you feel is overused? Nooo, we need more slang! It’s hilarious and creative job!


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Love Legacy Knotty Girl


Name: Love Legacy

Age: 27

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: Chicago, Il

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Measurements: 34C – 25- 36

Group Affiliate: ABKModelz

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Contact: Facebook www.facebook.com/lovethemodel ,Instagram @lovelegacy7  Twitter: @lovelegacy7

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