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Ashley Weathers (Miz Lady Red)


Name: Miz Lady Red

Age: 23

Race/Nationality: African American

Occupation: Dancer

Location: Chicago,il 60628

Zodiac: Pisces

Measurements: 34D, 28, 32

Group Affiliation if any: N/A

Photographer: Solomon Abrams

Modeling Experience & Goals: I’ve done a Valentines Day shoot for Solomon Abrams.  I’m in  Knottygirls Magazine (vol4).

Links/Contact/Booking Info: email-ashleyweathers2014@gmail.com  Ig- stylist_model_111 (booking) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-Weathers/

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Cinnamon Delight

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Cinnamon Delight is an exotic dancer from the Chicago area. Her long legs and curves makes her hip rocking super hot show has made her one of the most booked dancers in the city.

Cinnamon isn’t all bondage and wild parties. She’s a smart woman. “I have a a degree and enjoy reading” she said at her interview.  “I just like having fun. Yeah I’m a dancer and I can party but I want people to know I’m no dummy.”
Tell us about your show.
All I can say without telling everything is that its a HOT sexy show. I can work the crowd but make each individual man or woman feel like this show is for them, even if they aren’t the guest of honor.”

Name: Cinnamon Delight
Race/Nationality: Black
Occupation: Exotic Dancer
Location: Chicago, Il
Zodiac: Cancer
Group Affiliation if any:
Photographer: Solomon Abrams
Turn Ons/Turn offs
Modeling Experience & Goals:
Links/Contact/Booking Info:



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